Securing a Mortgage is only one part of the process

You also need to choose a real estate agent you trust will help you find your dream home, a lawyer who'll make sure nothing is missed during the closing, an insurance broker who'll make sure you're properly covered should anything happen, and a renovations company should you want to invest in any upgrades.


I couldn't do it alone. I rely on my team of dedicated & driven referral partners to help me achieve the outstanding results that I do for my clients.

I purposefully connect with top industry leaders so that I have an amazing network of people to refer to my clients. With these professionals, I trust that my clients will continue to get the amazing results they deserve.

  • Experienced & Professional

  • Detail-oriented & Transparent

  • Honest & Dependable

  • Result-driven



I recommend the following professionals because they will go above and beyond for you, and they have gotten my clients RESULTS.

Time and again, my preferred realtors have found my clients their dream homes. They are all pros at negotiating very favorable terms. 

Marc has done an outstanding job smoothly closing every mortgage transaction for my clients.

Angela & Matt are detectives when it comes to finding my clients the most comprehensive and affordable insurance plans. They've also saved me money!

Heba at the Domilya group is the only renovations company I recommend in full faith, knowing they will exceed your expectations in design, cost, and delivery.

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Iyad Amro

Commercial Real Estate

+1 416-887-3550 

Untitled design (74)
Angela Fennelow

Life Insurance

+1 289 851-6588

Untitled design (72)
Marc Cumbo

Real Estate Law

+1 647-483-7200

Untitled design (77)
Matt Filippo

Home Insurance

+1 289-349-1433 ext. 104

Untitled design (78)
Heba Ahmed Malki

Home renovations

+1 905 366 4592

Untitled design
Micheal Paul
The reason I'm a successful mortgage broker today is because I have a trusted team of referral partners I know will work just as hard as I will to earn your trust and exceed your expectations.
It's the quality of these professional relationships that allow me to continue achieving the results that I do, time and time again.


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