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"You took the broker test for a whopping $400... now what?"

Right now in the mortgage industry, there's a huge gap between what is covered on the test and what you actually need to know;  What can only be learned through experience.

As a mortgage mentor and team leader, I train new brokers on everything that's NOT covered on the test, but that IS critical to succeed.


Does this process sound familiar?

1) You get your license.

2) You get hounded by brokerages, as you desperately try to decide where you should commit.

3) You suddenly realize you're a lone mortgage broker out in the world without any idea what to do next...

In the mortgage industry, nothing is constant.

You can't just read the mortgage broker encyclopedia & be good to go,


the policies change
the lenders change
the programs change
there's always a grey area

When you have a mortgage GPS to follow...

You're always confident that you're going in the right direction.

And you're always confident that you're making the right decisions.


Gather the correct documentation
properly Structure your deals
Know what to say to clients
Get your deals approved
quickly learn all the products
Understand what each lender offers
Decide on your salary goal
Build a plan to achieve it
The reason I'm a successful mortgage broker today, is because I used to be the end person approving the mortgages. I got to see the correct process in action over and over again.
It's this type of experiential learning you'll get under my guidance and as part of my team.

Would you like you join my mortgage classroom?



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Allison Cosgrove
Bhu Gulati

Sally Todd, Underwriter/ Agent - Barrie

Linda has taught me to 'cultivate gratitude'.  She's never too busy to remember to show appreciation to those around her & she has taught me that my desire within the industry to deliver exceptional experiences, never goes unnoticed. She makes me love my job that much more!

Zara Feizi, Agent - Vaughan

I was looking for the support of an experienced and knowledgeable team. As a student in Linda's classroom, I am most excited to learn about underwriting and how to get deals funded. My goal is to learn the industry inside out while working with one of the most experienced and supportive teams under the MA umbrella. I also plan to learn about underwriting as much as I can and become one of the best in the field.

Samantha Clarke, Agent - Midhurst

The first conversation I had with Linda showed me how things were supposed to be done. I loved her approach to helping her clients. She is someone that I'd like to learn from in the long term. I'm most excited to learn about how she has grown her business to where it is today and how I can get there myself. I am personally interested in helping my clients with investment properties. The goal I want to achieve this year - with Linda's help - is to secure 20 referral partners and close at least 10M, and I want to feel a lot more confident in the process than I do now.

Christina Demmings, Agent - Barrie

I joined Linda’s team because I love her firecracker energy and her desire to help each of us grow our business. I finally feel like I am part of a team, and so far, partnering with Linda in this mortgage journey has encouraged me and lifted me to new heights in knowing what I can accomplish. She has so many unique ways of serving clients and referral partners that have given me a new way of thinking about how to prospect for business.

Parker McGovern, Agent - Gormley

When vetting my options for a brokerage, Linda Walters was the diamond in the rough for me. She and her team bring 16 years of residential and commercial mortgage experience under one roof. Not only can they help turn my leads into deals, but also turn my clients into fans. My focus is to properly structure and package deals, which will provide the least amount of friction to my clients for a stress-free and quick mortgage process.

Dimitri Joukov, Agent - Richmond Hill

Joining forces with Linda was a no-brainer for me. Honesty, trust, and loyalty are cornerstones of any relationship, and I remember feeling excited to find our values aligned right from our first interaction.  I admire her collaborative approach, and with such an excellent track record, she is a strong example of leadership in the industry. There is nothing I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal of providing value and an outstanding, memorable service.

Rob Doria, Agent - Oakville

It was immediately apparent to me that Linda would not only be the kind of excellent mentor support that I need on a professional level, but that she cares on a very personal level as well. Linda's expertise, support system, nurturing nature, and her generous desire to share her knowledge are an extremely hard blend of attributes to find. I feel privileged to be a part of her group.

Jenifer Hall, Agent - Etobicoke

Honesty and trust are the most important to me when helping my clients fund their largest investment. My goal is to help build a personalized mortgage plan that fits their financial future.

Hamilton Candundo, Agent - Mississauga

Why did I decide to join Linda’s Team? One word, loyalty! My family was Linda’s client several years ago and then again as we upsized to another home for our growing family. We’re blown away by the professionalism, and above all, the best mortgage solution to meet our needs of today and goals for tomorrow. I wanted a career change, and I didn’t look anywhere else besides joining Linda’s Rockstar, Mortgage Strategist Team. I want to learn the dos and don’ts in the industry from the greats and go above and beyond for all my clients – just like Linda did for my family!

Allison Cosgrove, Agent - Toronto

When looking for a leader, you need someone who is not only knowledgeable but caring too. They have to care about the people under them, be willing to nurture them, and help them towards their goals. Working with Linda has been all of that and then some. She genuinely cares about her team, wants to see them succeed and will make sure she gives them the tools, knowledge and support to make it happen.

Bhu Gulati, Agent - Hamilton

I'm happy to be part of mortgage architects and the Linda Walters team for the library of knowledge and combined years of experience available with in the team!

Julie Lafrance, Agent  

After having finished the Mortgage Agent course, I was welcomed onto the team with open arms and a wealth of knowledge. Team Walters has provided a wealth of learning opportunities to help me create my own success in the industry. I plan on taking every chance at improving each new skill acquired to become a successful member under the Mortgage Architect Umbrella.

What does it cost to be on my team?

  1. When you first join my team, we split your sales according to your level of experience.
  2. Together, we work on a plan so you hit your targets.
  3. Every time you hit your target, we change the split.
  4. Over time, as you become more independent, you'll earn your way to a 90-10 split.

What do you get from being on my team?


How to execute all different kinds of deals

What to do & not to do so that each of your deals gets approved


Direct access to my assistant, who is a wealth of knowledge

Text or call me anytime, I'm available 24/7

Ask lenders questions directly during their live presentations


Weekly meetings to collaborate with other team members

Build relationships with lenders during Zoom calls


Stay focused with the right priorities

I will be your accountability partner

Learn to work faster

Who will own your of business?

Your book of business always stays with you.

You, and you alone, own your book of business. Not me. Not Mortgage Architects. YOU.

Would you like you join my mortgage classroom?


Linda Walters
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