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When I left BMO as a mortgage agent to join Mortgage Architects as a broker, I went from having just one mortgage option for my clients to over 600. I became a kid in a candy store.


"Sorry... the bank declined you. You should probably go find a mortgage broker to help you with that."

I said this line over and over during the 8 years I was a mortgage agent at BMO. Then one day I realized, I was spending all this time giving excellent customer service and building lasting relationships, just to have to turn so many of my clients away when the bank would decline them for a mortgage. It was then I made the decision to become a mortgage broker.

-Linda Walters

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As a mortgage broker, I have an offer for everyone.

Hi, I'm Linda. I've been a mortgage broker for 8 years, and I've helped over 1100 people secure the right mortgage for them.

As a mortgage mentor & team leader, I've trained 24 brokers to achieve the same results that I've had.

I currently have access to 60 lenders and over 600 programs to choose from. This lets me find the perfect mortgage for each of my client's unique circumstances.

I love that I can secure someone a $400K mortgage even if they've declared bankruptcy twice.

When I switched from being a BMO mortgage agent to an independent broker, all of a sudden I had an option for everyone.


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Loyalty means that I'm there for each of my clients from the second you fill out your application to the day you pay off your mortgage in full. I answer every question and go through each document, so that you feel empowered in making the best decision for you regarding the options I provide.


I need your trust. Finding the right mortgage is a very personal process. And sharing every detail of your personal financial history with a stranger can be uncomfortable at first. Once I've built your trust, then we can have honest conversations about where you are, and where you'd like to be, that will help me find the ideal mortgage solution for you.


When I build trust with a client, I have to trust them too. This loyalty & trust must be reciprocated. Working together needs to be a right fit for both of us. I choose which clients I would like to worth with based on the principles of joint partnership. I work hard for my clients so that we agree we will cross the finish line together.


Unique approvals

If you've been declined elsewhere and are not the ideal candidate for a mortgage, I likely have a solution for you.

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When you have a good experience with a professional, you tell people about it. 90% of my business comes from referrals.

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focus on Relationships, not transactions

Over 50% of my clients have come back for their second, third, or even fourth mortgage.


Mortgage Broker of the Year ('20 & '21)

Every year, across Canada, the public is asked to vote for their favourite mortgage broker. Three years in a row, I was 1 of 10 finalists.

As your mortgage GPS, i will point you in the right direction.

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Linda Walters
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