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"When I worked for the bank, I became so accustomed to saying, 'I'm so sorry. The bank has declined you. I suggest you find a mortgage broker to help you...'
Once I left the bank to become a broker, I never had to say this again."

-Linda Walters

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A broker is someone who has access to every single product in the market and shops around the best benefits, rates, and convenience for your mortgage solution that is specifically for you. When you choose a broker, it's a "one-stop-shop" for your entire mortgage shopping process.

Why should you use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker works for you.

Depending on your situation, a broker will match you with the most appropriate lender. And the lender pays the broker for their service. If a broker doesn't get you the best possible solution, they risk losing your business.

So it's in a broker's best interest to get you the best possible deal that's available to them, based on your unique circumstance. A broker looks to earn your business, as well as your trust, so that you continue to use their services in the years to come.

Who should use a mortgage broker?


Your bank may be a great place to start once you decide to shop for a mortgage, but banks never have access to more than 8 products. A bank's flexibility is always limited. Every customer will eventually outgrow their bank's mortgage.

Your life is flexible, and so should be your mortgage.

How should you choose a mortgage broker?

Choose someone local who knows the lenders in your area.

But choosing a broker is about so much more than having access to a variety of lenders. 

When you're choosing a broker, it comes down to trust. You'll need to fully engage and share all your personal financial history with this person - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Find a broker who knows exactly how to build out what you'd like to achieve. Consider what you'd like your investments, retirement, renovations, etc to look like in the future. Each of these decisions is linked back to making a smart mortgage decision NOW, so that you're on track to achieve your goals. And this comes down to picking the best mortgage broker to help you map out the future you want.

Consider personality as well. You'll want to work with someone you feel comfortable calling at anytime, and someone with whom you feel comfortable speaking candidly.

When should you engage a mortgage broker?

Start looking for a mortgage broker the second you decide you want to purchase a home, renovate, or refinance.

Before you call a realtor, and before you call a contractor, you need to know your buying power, and this is the first task a mortgage broker helps you figure out.

Don't put the cart before the horse. Before you start making any decisions, you need to know what you're capable of, so you're not wasting your time.

What is the mortgage process to purchase a home?

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Submit all required documentation & personal information

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Discover your buying power

& start shopping

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Once you've found your ideal property, put in your offer & set a closing date

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Commit to accepting the mortgage you received, the down payment, interest rate & amortization

  • Home Purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Investment Property

  • Mortgage Renewal

  • Debt Consolidation

Whatever your mortgage concern may be, a broker will always have an answer

Service Areas

Although I work primarily with lenders in Ontario, I do have access to lenders all over Canada.
This means I can secure you a mortgage anywhere across the nation.



75% of my clients live in Oakville, and this is also my home.



When your children are heading to university, many clients are looking to secure property close to the university.



We are one of the only brokerages licensed all across Canada. I can go anywhere my clients want to go.


What Past Clients Have Said

Lisa Reaume, Homeowner
"This woman saved me. Working with someone like Linda, she was able to fight for me and get me a home that I could afford, a mortgage I could live up to, and a lender who was willing to make it work."

Michael Paul, Realtor
"Linda spends time with each client making sure they understand their buying power. This especially matters when a client of mine needs to bid over the asking price. Linda makes sure every client knows what they need to know to make an informed decision."

Julie Virgilio, Real Estate Investor
"Linda is a jovial, kind, caring and smart businesswoman. I’ve been a real estate investor for a long time, so I’ve had a lot of mortgage experience. Linda definitely has the connections. She made the whole process quick & painless. She came through for us big time."

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Angela Fennelow, Insurance Agent

Linda has been working diligently throughout the pandemic to bring clients mortgage solutions that work given these unique circumstances. Some have struggled financially because of restrictions, and Linda has helped so many people not lose their homes.

Linda is the Co-Founder of LeadTribes, which brings professionals together to support one another in business growth. Linda's clients benefit from this group because she has several trusted professionals she refers her clients to for all their home buying-related needs.

Linda Walters
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